Monday, February 8, 2010

status 5 Feb

i just got settled in up here in DC right before they sent everybody at the Pentagon home before this record snow storm hits. i'm at my hotel now.
was just talking to Bobbie, Mom, and Dad and wanted to relay the latest news.

The doctor has had to adjust dad's medication, which is normal. they start out with best estimate dosages based on some vitals, but may need to adjust based on how the much the medication beats the body down relative to how much it beats down the cancer cells. the initial dosages were beating dad down a little too much, and really putting strain on his kidneys and anemia relative to how much they were beating down the cancer cells.

The doctor asked dad to drink lots of water and walk around a lot to help relieve the strain and strengthen the kidneys. Also to relieve strain on his kidneys he said no carbonated beverages, no citrus, and no calcium drinks; but lots of water. He also told him to eat a steak for iron to help cure the anemia. He said, "the stronger your kidneys get, the better i can kill the cancer."

alright, i hope this email finds yall well, and you have good weekends. geaux saints (who dat). peace. love. talk to you soon.

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