Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Eye Witness Account

Hi Everyone. This is Bobbie reporting. I went to the hospital with Jack and Jeannie for the doctor visit and infusion treatment today, so I thought I'd do the update. Dr. York was pleased with Jack's progress so far regarding the kidney repair. Jack's kidneys have been slowly improving since they started flushing them last week, and his Creatinine level has gone down to 3.09 from over 6.0 last week. They are looking for the level to be below 1.5 to show that the kidneys are performing normally. So for now, the infusion treatment just consists of flushing the kidneys with fluids. Hopefully the Revlimid treatment will begin again as early as next week - that is the real cancer-fighting treatment. Jack is very anxious to get started killing the cancer, of course, and is doing everything recommended to help the kidneys repair themselves. It will just take a little bit more time.

Dr. York told Jack that he should be working towards getting back to a somewhat normal lifestyle, i.e. eating normal foods with a few restrictions related to the kidneys, walking around, and going outside (when it finally gets nice out). This all has been a challenge due to pain, swollen ankles, and lack of appetite among other things, but eating healthfully and moving around will help things along. Tonight he enjoyed one of Jeannie's delicious pork fajitas, and I think possibly a chocolate chip cookie! Definitely an improvement from Jell-O.

The Hematology/Oncology facility at the Piedmont Fayetteville Hospital is very nice and inviting. All of the doctors, PAs, nurses and other staff are extremely friendly and caring. Jack and Jeannie are already very friendly with several of them, and we are all very happy to have such great people treating Jack and keeping spirits up during the visits.

So, three more visits this week, and then hopefully next week will be the beginning of the next stage in the treatment (and Jack will only need to go to the hospital twice a week).

On behalf of the whole family, thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. Jack may not be up to taking phone calls, but he appreciates the messages you leave with Jeannie or me or on the machine, and especially the cards at this stage of the game because this week it is tough for him to talk on the phone. Every evening Jeannie reads all of the thoughtful cards that arrive in the mail to Jack, and they both are very touched by your loving and encouraging words.

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