Saturday, February 13, 2010

fight scheduled

dad's check up yesterday went well. based on kidney progress, the doctor was able to go ahead and schedule a re-engage with the revlamid; the cancer killing pill.

pain pills had been slightly less and less necessary, but last night was a tough night. the doctors instructions are drink plenty of fluid and keep getting some movement throughout the day. moving around is almost impossible without taking some pain pills, and the stress is counterproductive too. the pain pills are a necessary evil at this point, but have allowed him to get his kidney strain relieved, so that he can now get back to the revlamid.

the really good news is that he's decided to scale back his impassioned financial analysis. he's decided that it and the economy overall was too much of a source of stress, and he can live comfortably without it. we will miss having an expert financial analyst around ;), but cousin meri is quickly becoming a capable financial engineer, between Bobbie Bill and Chandler Russell i think we have taxes under control, and i try to keep up with the economy ;) . overall, i think this is a smart self-medication.

keep the prayers coming, gonna need them for fight night, 23 Feb re-engage with revlamid chemo.

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