Thursday, February 11, 2010

kidney level update

yesterday's doctor visit was successful. it indicated that the high kidney chemical levels are continuing to drop; from 6 now down to 2.86. like Bobbie mentioned, once back ~1.5, the doctor can re-commence an aggressive attack on the cancerous cells.

things are still pretty tough for the interim. since pain induces stress, which elevates the strain on the kidneys, the doctor has continued to request continual use of strong pain pills. the pain pills make many of the usual operations around the household more complicated. we look forward to when we can scale these measures back; when the kidneys have returned to normal conditions.
other complications in the interim consist of a rash outburst, and swollen ankles and lower legs. the doctor is aware of these conditions and considering them in his prescriptions of treatment.

the way to return the kidneys to normal condition is to go in for frequent saline infusion flushes. mom and dad have been pretty diligent going to the doctor almost daily to get these infusions.

have to give a shout out to bobbie who's been very helpful; cooking some dinners while my parents are gone at the hospital all day, baking cookies, running errands, trying to lighten the conversations, and so forth all while doing her accounting work on the computer and taking care of roger and being pretty pregnant. thanks for all your help babe; you're the bomb!
also a shout out to my mom, who's been attending to every detail of my dad's recovery and riding the emotional roller coaster for just about 2 whole months. that's pretty tough. hang in there ma, you're doing great!
and to dad, you are doing great, keep up the fight.

additionally, Lia's driving in for the long weekend and Jena is on standby with tentative plans for the following weekend.

keep up the prayers, and thanks for all your support. ttys.

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  1. Thanks again, Nick. As much as I want to be there, I know this is not the time. Have to wait til I "receive the call". Also want to ditto your commendation of your Mom and Bobbie for all they're doing and how well they're dealing with this very tough situation. They are awesome. And, of course, my prayers and best wishes and fervent hopes for relief and recovery to "the bear".