Saturday, February 27, 2010

jack-sat 2/27/2010

I am writing this blog to allow Nick time to take over complete pentagon operations!
marked improvement has been made in kidney function, bone building and pain reduction.
Dr. York and caregiving staff at Piedmont Hospital have analyzed blood and administer i.v. concoctions precisely to normalize all body functions and allow positive mental attitude to be developed by communications with you, my supporters. Please continue. I feel your support directly from God. Flashes of each message accompanied by that giver's facial image appear to me at all times of the day and night. I know it is God's way of allowing me to see through Him, his grace is flowing. There is no higher gift. I must persevere.
Yesterday I walked a mile outside, twice, slept well only awakening 8 times to clear toxins from my kidneys and felt no bone pain. As treatment increases there will be more ups than downs.
You give me confidence that the research world will be successful in time for me.
Love, Jack


  1. Thank you so much, Jack, for your update--how uplifting it is! You sound so positive! I'm thrilled and relieved to hear about your getting out and walking, that your symptoms (pain, rash, extreme discomfort, etc.) seem to have abated, that the treatments are working, and that you have a better "quality of life", thank God. I think you're right. . . a lot of positive thoughts, prayers and energy are "beamed" your way from a myriad of sources, especially from up here in New England. Scott and I are thinking of you and hoping for your complete recovery. We love you very much! You are (and have always been) my hero.

  2. Well you sure have the love and concern from the Carrig household! You and Jeannie are two major people in our lives and we cherish our times with you and look forward to additional adventures. Few people have touched our lives as you two have done and I am forever grateful
    Your improvement is such good news, your voice the other day spoke volumes! What a difference DRUGS make! Can't wait for a clean bill of health! Then a trip to Florida or Madrid, or just around the WWCC golf course!
    Linda Carrig

  3. This has been just such a meaningful and uplifting post. As you think of us, we think of you and talk about you in many good ways all day. Our prayers are always there, you are so important to us. You have all been so much more than friends over the years and it was always so good for Chris and Jenny having a really brilliant man around. That you are walking so much gives us such a positive feeling about this day. You and Jeannie are very special to us and to so many.
    We love you Jack.