Sunday, February 14, 2010

new thank you shoutouts

thank you so much to the Feldman, Weiss, Dirring, and Lavoie Families. Joanne put together a couple of real beauties; some therapeutic chicken soup and eggplant parm. Uncle Warren has brought over some delicious homemade pasta sauce and chicken cacciatore. Priscilla and Diane brought over a delicious meal of ham, corn casserole, sweet potato casserole, rolls, tortellini soup, and chocolate cake. This all has definitely alleviated some need to cook, was delicious and nutritious by all accounts, and was a huge morale boost. thanks again all you compassionate chefs ;)

also, thanks to Auntie Meri for helping Dad out with some of his critical paperwork. immensely helpful.

shout-out too to Lia for braving the snowstorm and driving up to Fayetteville this Saturday morning. she's been helping organizing dad's clothes for easier access to his doctor-visit outfits. also, she's been helping around the kitchen and living room, and making a nice little walk-way dad can follow as he does his walking exercises in the house.

last, but not least, thanks too to Gee for passing along some really insightful advice. i paraphrase "essentially, going through cancer and chemo is a world-shaking experience and makes you question all your actions, lifestyle and priorities. as you sift through the shake-up its very helpful to just have somebody around that you can talk with as you assess your new life strategy. the best thing you can do to help someone going through chemo is to be a good-listener." thanks Gee, great advice.

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