Tuesday, February 16, 2010

from lia

lia's report from Fayetteville

Hey Nick, Thanks forall the great work you have done creating this blog for us and the google calendar for dad's meds. Auntie Rita and Uncle David said a big thanks for the blog!! Also I want to continue by saying thanks to all the folks who have been offering to do things which we all really appreciate. All your offers, well wishes, words/cards of moral support have been so uplifting and helpful. I can't tell you how much... My mom just said again -- "Thanks for all your concern."
It really was not that much of a snow storm. And I just filled in where they needed, things like some of the cleaning my mom can't get to while taking exceptional care of my dad. He has been experiencing a mixture of side-effects, rashes, pain and some sleepless nights. He has genuinely done better for the past few days my mom said. Gee gave me all that good advice as I was driving here (and asked him) because I knew he went through something like this. His advice (to listen) is such good advice and I have been here to listen -- and my dad has ideas of how things will change when we gets through this -- which speaks volumes for his attitude, his faith, his trust in the doctor and his primary caregiver (my mom) and all the wonderful selfless folks they've encountered at the Piedmont Fayetteville hospital. He feels very relaxed there -- and that is saying a lot. ;-) On the home front, the only thing you'll notice is his closet now looks like a fashion store (his words about how I fixed it). My mom and I worked all afternoon then I took an 'SUV full ' of clothes to the charity. Then I got him a few new things he needed at the store and in general gave my mom some moral support and assistance. BTW -- my dad looks good -- which is why it is sometimes hard to see he is sick. He is doing everything he is supposed to. He soldiers on -- they go to the hospital today; I drive to Tampa; and the next reinforcements (Jena and Joey) come in on the weekend.


  1. For some reason, haven't been getting the blog updates. . . had to go back to the original one and am so glad I did because, well, I need to keep up with everything and, you know, be informed. Thanks to Lia and Nick for their thoughtful, detailed and thorough reports.
    Happy to hear that Jack looks good. Only a matter of time before he'll actually be better and back to normal.
    Again, whatever I can do, please do not hesitate to call. As I have said, I am available to come down at the drop of a hat, as it were, and am very capable in many ways to assist as needed.
    How wonderful that everyone contributed such bounteous food!

  2. Hi Lia and Nick ..
    Catherine here, Lia's "old" high school friend. As you know my Dad has MM, too. Our prayer are with you guys and your Dad. The first few months after diagnosis are a blur but it does get better. Any questions just ask!