Monday, July 11, 2011

stem cell transplant

well, things had gone well for a while.
he banked health stem cells, and felt while for a while.
yeah he had to take some stiff meds, but he was even acclimating to those.
there was a little hiccup with the meds and his heart, but the docs were able to time a good jolt and fix that too.

then, during a recent checkup, the doctors suggested it would be prudent to undergo the stem cell transplant now with the fully healthy stem cells he had banked last year. i'm not sure if the myeloma was re-emerging at a dangerous pace, but part of the thinking was that it would be smart to undergo the heavy operation while he was healthy and strong. treatments for mm are progressing rapidly, and having this operation now will ensure he recovers safely, he has very low levels of mm for a long time after that.

he's had a couple days of pre check-in medication that was supposed to bring some nausea and side effects but he weathered it in really good spirits.
he checked into the hospital today, and they actually started the chemo treatment of the stem cell transplant this evening.

from my basic understanding of the procedure the timeline will go something like this.
as the chemicals take stronger and stronger hold, and kill good and bad, his condition will temporarily deteriorate.
the decline should become apparent later this week, and the following week and half after that should be a trough.
after that, his healthy cells will begin to be infused and he will also initiate internal recovery, and his status will only progress.
if all goes to schedule he will be able to check-out of the hospital at the end of the month, ~ 28 July.

wish him luck, keep the old bear in your prayers again.
will keep you updated on the milestones.


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