Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Quick incline

Two days ago dad spiked another fever, felt terrible, and had to undertake several multi-hour infusions to battle.  Since, he has continually grown stronger and felt better.  His bone marrow is now grafted and internally beginning to produce white blood cells.  Progress is on track.  In fact, he was progressing so well the doctors have released him from the hospital as of a few minutes ago.  He will be staying at a nearby hotel so the doctors can be readily available for checkups or unforseen challenges.  Altogether very promising news.


  1. Absolutely. . . very promising news indeed!
    I'm thrilled at his progress.
    I pray for Jack's continued "healing", that he maintains his positive mental attitude and his great physical condition, and I hope for a very sterile hotel!
    Thanks for the update, Nick. And hat's off to Lia and Jeanie for all you're doing.
    Much love to you all,

  2. Thank God. We are praying here in Colorado...I wish we were there.
    love to all...ann