Saturday, April 3, 2010

3 Apr. 10 Easter Greetings

Happy Easter!
Awaiting visit with 4 and a half year old grandson, Hudson. Timing is good as energy and comfort levels are up, following chemo section of treatment cycle.
A firend, knowledgeable in the subject, sent me "Healing Visualizations". Discussed is letting God in, and using the mind to heal through imagery.
Interstingly, there is reference to a 21 day imagery cycle, which corresponds to my 21 day treatment cycle! Coincidence?

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  1. I love your blog from Easter and celebrate that you became Poppy with your beloved Hudson. His love brings out the best in all of us --- even when we experience him only through stories and pictures we sense his connection to all things positive and beautiful and "gorgeous" --- as he says.

    Regarding "coincidence." I just don't believe in that idea. The intersections of fate and time and people seems poised for action in our destinies. Was it coincidence that Nick came to my classroom and not the room next door? No, I think the Mastronardis have always been in God's plan for my family. I thank Him every day for the blessings of such a friendship replete with endless laughter, divine cuisine, tears and trust, and stories forever.

    So, Jack and Jeannie, as you continue to "pass this test" that Nature has put in your way, know that we all believe you will prevail, that science works, the prayer uplifts, that laughter heals, that chicken soup can't hurt, that family and friends are forever. We love you guys. Joanne