Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday August 23 2011

Able to receive visitors and to get out.
I will not be on medication until October 31,
when results of test for remission will be in.
Your prayers and communications aid
my confidence that the results will be positive.
Until then,


  1. How absolutely wonderful, Jack! I'm thrilled, relieved and thankful that you're recovering so well. It is a tribute to your good physical condition, your excellent stamina, positive mental attitude and maybe, those "rojo" (sp?) genes you're always talking about. Plus the great care you're receiving. In addition to which is the fact that you have so much love and support from so many people, as you have noted. . .
    May your strong recovery continue!

  2. Jack- you don't even know me.. but...Auntie Marion was my dad's sister.- she meant the world to me- still does! That's how i met Meri.
    Meri keeps me posted as i am an oncology nurse 31+ yrs. So happy to hear all the great reports. You are on the roa!. Keep up the walking and the + attitude.. lots of prayers are coming your way...Moe (McCarthy) O'Rourke