Saturday, July 10, 2010

July, 10

Extensive testing at Emory resulted in Dr. Kaufman's conclusion of complete remission. Stem cell banking this week, to be followed by a few "Insurance" chemo. cycles, then a schedule of maintenance medications and periodic checkups.
Dr. York's team's program of the appropriate meds. and your support facillitated God's healing from within.
I am so greatful for your gestures and messages instilling faith and positiveness that are instrumental in my recovery.

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  1. Well I have to say, I truly didn't doubt it. But sadly the time has passed for you to compete favorably with me in golf if you don't get out there and get to work. Way to "win the battle, Jack" we, specifically, me are so excited for the remainder of your long life. This is a great message of hope for all.