Saturday, May 22, 2010

May 22,

Tuesday began what may be my last cycle.
Dr. York said "Myeloma indicators are not detected."
Looking foreward to only a blocker and monthly checkups.
I may bank stem cells as a precaution.
The good news has me energized and positive.
I'm walking along a hilly 9 hole course in 40 minutes.
Light weights and bone building become a priority.
Cancer research including epigenetics is accelerating.
Love those brilliant researchers and
you for bringing me along.


  1. Continued great news, Jack! I'm thrilled to hear such a good update. It's just wonderful. Also, how fortunate we all are that you have such an excellent doctor, great caretakers, a conveniently located hospital with state-of-the-art facilities to deal with your difficult (to say the least) cancer. . . such that you are able to be doing so well. It all seems to be coming together and makes me very positive about the outcome.

  2. Great Jack! We are so elated and still praying and thinking about you all the time.
    We love you.

  3. Great news Jack. Also wanted you to know that my friend in FL that is in a clinical trial for MM is doing great. His #'s are down 10% after just one treatment. Good to know the research is active and working.