Saturday, March 20, 2010


Great numbers and a feeling of progress are coming from the treatment.
a young lady very close to our family passed away this week from breast cancer. she endured this for 11 years. When they could no longer radiate her brain she announced "she was ready."
I remember the smile she radiated whenever she was around people and I am just now beginning to understand-she had taken full account of her blessings. She really got enjoyment of each day. That is courage. Courage was not flying into a field in VietNam under seigee when you were "bullet proof" and were sure nothing would happen to you.
Courage is what I lacked six weeks ago when I was close to the end and felt I could not go on. I was afraid to throw in the towel and weak at summoning the spiritual strength to continue. Now much less afraid of the end, and open to God's healing from within, I can actually feel it happening. Kind of an opposite Catch 22.

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  1. Well-said, indeed. . . you expressed so well the range of emotions of having to face and deal with a terrible situation, like riding an emotional roller-coaster, to say the least. Seems as if you have arrived at a somewhat level section which includes hope, wisdom, acceptance and faith. You've always had courage. Let the healing begin!