Saturday, March 27, 2010

maintaining a positive attitude

27 mar 10
an important hurdle crossed, full chemo treatment a success- cancer flushed from marrow, kidneys remain in normal range and anemia abating.
"Maintain a positive attitude" is easy to say but requires a plan or else everyone would be happy and healthier.
We are confronted with negative events from all directions at inopportune times. Work hard to not consider any that are not in your control nor realitively insignificant. Reject the temptation to solve a problem or prove you were correct in anticipating that would happen. Deal only with those which only affect your well being and then let it go.
You now have more aptitude and capacity to gain humor, joy and happiness from the good events that come your way. Let them in and more will follow.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Great numbers and a feeling of progress are coming from the treatment.
a young lady very close to our family passed away this week from breast cancer. she endured this for 11 years. When they could no longer radiate her brain she announced "she was ready."
I remember the smile she radiated whenever she was around people and I am just now beginning to understand-she had taken full account of her blessings. She really got enjoyment of each day. That is courage. Courage was not flying into a field in VietNam under seigee when you were "bullet proof" and were sure nothing would happen to you.
Courage is what I lacked six weeks ago when I was close to the end and felt I could not go on. I was afraid to throw in the towel and weak at summoning the spiritual strength to continue. Now much less afraid of the end, and open to God's healing from within, I can actually feel it happening. Kind of an opposite Catch 22.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Belief in God's healing power when allowed in the body, doctor's caring application of medicines, and supporters loving prayers and communication of wellness wishes are physically beneficial.
Research in epigenetics has shown corellation between belief, cure and love and positive genetic operations.
Tuesday 16 March begins 21 day cycle including heavy medication which I will be carried through

Saturday, March 6, 2010

March 6, 2010

Winter may be waning, spring ortends positive growth and attitude. To date my treatment has successfully built me for the up and down chemo battle at high doses beginning on Mar. 16. I am ready now. What is becoming evident is the large number of those suffering worse medical problems than mine and the dedicated caregivers who go above and beyond in their service. My life could have been less self centered and more in tuned with those in need. This would have benefitted others and yielded a more fulfilling and satisfying life with more contentment and less stress. If all of us thought "non zero sum" what a much better place this would be.